How To Save Time With Your BBQ

If you’ve been reading a lot of my posts you know I am an advocate for preplanning!

Warm weather often means outdoor grill & bbq time! Using your barbeque is a quick and easy way to do a weeks worth of food prep in a short amount of time without heating up your kitchen. You can place everything at once on the grill eliminating the use of pots and pans. You’re probably going to turn the barbeque on anyway for at least one meal so you might as well take advantage and throw more on! Here are some extra tips!

While enjoying your morning coffee/tea in the sun pre-plan your weekly menu before heading to the grocery store.

Gather a variety of lean proteins such as chicken, fish, top sirloin or sirloin tip. When in the grocery store also choose a variety of vegetables. Root vegetables are especially delicious on the grill!

Don’t be afraid of throwing fruit on the bbq! My favourites are pineapple and peaches! Grilling fruit removes the water & breaks down fibres that result in the better delivery of minerals, vitamins, and phyto nutrients. Besides -the caramelizing is delicious!!

Use foil to wrap your fruits & vegetables for even easier cleanup!

Invest in meal containers to dish out your meals for Quick and easy storage.

Experiment With different recipes & marinades using healthy fats and seasonings to avoid “chicken resentment” 😂

Happy Grilling & Happy Sunday! ☀️🍹🥗