How to Get back on track!

Did y’all enjoy your weekend? Well, Happy Monday! 😊

Monday represents a new start so let’s jump right back in! Here are some tips to get back on track!

1. Preplan – Stock your fridge & cupboards with healthy options that’ll keep you on track throughout the week. If you have meals ready to go & healthy snacks on hand, you’re less likely to grab whats unhealthy.

2. Track what you eat- write down when & what goes in to your mouth. It’ll keep you accountable and help you identify habits. You can do this by keeping a little journal or using free apps that are available out there.

3. Water, Water, Water-add lemon & warm it for extra detox.

4. Eat Breakfast- It’ll kickstart your metabolism for the day and boost your energy levels.

5. Protein , healthy fats & high fibre foods will help with cravings and keep you full throughout the day!

What are some tips you might have to get back on track?

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