What To Do When Those Binge Watching Snack Cravings Hit!

Let’s talk about late night cravings/snacking! What’s most important is trying to identify whether it’s a true hunger or just boredom. Here are some tips!

  1. Water! Being dehydrated will often confuse those craving signals. What your body really needs is to be hydrated. Even just one glass of water can sometimes help curb the craving. You can always grab some sparkling water add some lemon and limes and ice and throw it in a wine glass. It tricks your brain.
  2. Distraction! If it’s safe enough go for a quick walk. Or help de-stress by filling the tub with bubbles and having a nice long soak!
  3. Go to bed! Staying up later & longer increases your hunger and cravings. Decreasing the amount of necessary sleep messes with your internal clock resulting in more stress. Sometimes eating healthy all day and exercise will come to a halt if you’re not getting enough rest. So, turn off the show you’re bingeing it’ll be there tomorrow!
  4. Pre-planning! Include a high fibre low calorie snack into your evening with a cup of decaffeinated herbal tea. It’ll help satisfy the craving and fill your belly!
  5. My favourite and go to tip is brushing my teeth and putting my retainer in. You know, because I’m lazy and don’t want to brush my teeth twice in one night! 😂

We’ve all been there on these evenings especially this past year where we succumb to boredom or emotional eating. Hope these tips help!

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