How To Handle Saboteurs!

Tell me if these phrases sound familiar while you’re trying to change your habits for a healthier lifestyle!

“You look fine, one piece isn’t going to hurt you.”

“They spent hours on this, don’t be rude”

“What’s wrong with you, You don’t come out to dinner anymore”

“There’s one left, eat it”

“You’re doing amazing, take a break”

Whether it’s your friends or family or even yourself sometimes consciously or not we all have to deal at one point with saboteurs! There’s a whole slew of reasons too lengthy to cover here as to why this happens but here are some quick tips on how to deal.

Just say no! Easy but not so easy especially if you’re a people pleaser. You really don’t owe anybody an explanation so a simple no thank you should suffice. Sometimes you might even have to say it twice.

If saying no isn’t an option you can always accept the food but wrap it up to go. That way you can avoid confrontation and toss it out later.

Try these phrases-

“No thank you, I’m stuffed”

“No thank you, I have some dietary restrictions”

“Thank you for offering, looks delicious! I’ve been feeling so great following my meal plan for my healthier lifestyle. So, I prefer to stick to that.”

If none of these tips works just smile and ignore the comments. Try to avoid getting defensive. They might not even know what they’re doing so try not to take it personal.

If it’s your loved ones or even yourself doing the sabotaging remember not to be too hard on yourself. Avoid the guilt and focus on your end goal!

First & foremost be kind to yourself!

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